Scorpions near completion, as Garrity & Nielsen return

Nov 20th, 2018


BOTH Jason Garrity and Stefan Nielsen will return to the Scunthorpe Scorpions in 2019, as the pair are the fifth and sixth riders to be confirmed for next season.

With Jake Allen, Jedd List, Josh Auty and Josh Bailey already announced earlier in the week, Scorpions have just one reserve place left to fill.

The all-action Garrity is a class act, and he registered an average of 7.59 for Scorpions in 2018.

With a 2.5% discount now in place for all riders who graduated from the third tier – the Conference / National League – that figure has been reduced to 7.40 for team building purposes.

Nielsen, who has a British mother and a Danish father, missed a large chunk of 2018 with a broken leg.

Another spectacular racer, his average was an impressive 7.15 at the time of his injury, and he eventually ended with 5.66, meaning he starts 2019 with a figure of 5.52 with the 2.5% discount.

Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey said: “Jason Garrity and Stefan Nielsen are two quality riders and it’s great to have them both back.

“It means that four of the 2018 Scorpions will be back in 2019 and I always think that it’s nice to have a bit of continuity for both team spirit and also for our supporters.

“We’ve already got Josh Auty and Jake Allen, who will be No 1 standard riders in 2019, and I think Jason also fits into that category.

“At the beginning of last season, the injury to Steve Worrall did affect us, but it would have affected us a whole lot more if Jason hadn’t started the season like a steam train and also been a larger-than-life presence down the pits.

“Jason is a top rider who is hard to beat around the Eddie Wright Raceway and a handful around anywhere.

“Stefan is another rider who is brilliant around our track, and with the top four we’ve put together, we’ll be looking to make the Eddie Wright Raceway a real fortress.

“Stefan’s figure of 7.15 at the time of his injury was no fluke – he was superb at home and solid away. He was struggling a bit towards the end of last year after coming back after such a long break; three months is such a long time to be out.

“But it means that he starts next season at pretty much the same average as at the beginning of 2018, and we saw what a mockery that Stefan was making of that average until he was hurt.”

Godfrey is also keen to point out that the entertainment level will be high at the Eddie Wright Raceway in 2019.

“I think anyone who looks at our top four will also notice that they are also out-and-out racers”, he remarks.

“Our Championship campaign in 2018 didn’t go quite to plan due to injuries, but the racing was always exciting.

“With the top four we have in place for 2019, we will again be looking to (a) entertain and (b) win meetings and be successful.”

* SCORPIONS are due to reveal their final signing on Thursday morning. Keep a look out in the Speedway Star and Scunthorpe Telegraph, and then we will also reveal the signing on our website.

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