Mouth-watering fixture list for Scorpions

Jan 27th, 2019

SCUNTHORPE SCORPIONS will open their 2019 season at the Eddie Wright Raceway with the visit of Leicester Lions on Friday, April 5th (7.30pm) in a Championship Shield match.

Scorpions are first in action at five days beforehand on Sunday, March 31st in an away meeting at local rivals Sheffield Tigers.

All of Scunthorpe’s home meetings are scheduled for Fridays, except the two home meetings with fellow Friday-night track Edinburgh which both take place on Sundays at the start-time of 5.30pm.

Every Friday meeting will take place at 7.30pm, except the big Good Friday (April 19th) clash with Sheffield Tigers, which also starts at 5.30pm.

Scunthorpe reached the Knockout Cup final in 2018, and Scorpions have received a bye in the first round and have been drawn against Edinburgh in the second round.

Promoter Rob Godfrey is really looking forward to the season ahead.

He said: “I think it’s going to be a great season of racing ahead, while the visit of the Leicester Lions is a mouthwatering start to the season at the Eddie Wright Raceway.

“It will the first visit of Leicester to our track since 2013, while Lions have a very familiar face for Scorpions’ fans in Ryan Douglas.

“But every fixture looks an attractive one. Our league has been so competitive over the last few seasons, and I can see that being the case again. You could put forward a case for each-and-every one of the eleven clubs in the Championship reaching the play-offs.

“We do have a nice bit of continuity in our fixtures, with all but three taking place at the Eddie Wright Raceway on a Friday evening at 7.30pm.

“We’ve put together what we believe is an entertaining and exciting team to watch, with a strong top four and plenty of potential in the other three riders. I hope, like me, the supporters can’t wait for the season to start.”



Sunday 31st (A) Sheffield (Shield)


Friday 5th (H) LEICESTER (Shield) 7.30pm
Saturday 6th (A) Leicester (Shield)
Sunday 14th (H) EDINBURGH (Cup) 5.30pm
Good Friday 19th (H) SHEFFIELD (Shield) 5.30pm
Friday 26th (H) REDCAR (Shield) 7.30pm


Friday 3rd (A) Redcar (Shield)
Friday 10th (H) NEWCASTLE (League) 7.30pm
Friday 17th (H) SOMERSET (League) 7.30pm
Friday 24th (A) Glasgow (League)
Wednesday 29th (A) Somerset (League)


Sunday 2nd (A) Sheffield (League)
Friday 7th (H) GLASGOW (League) 7.30pm
Friday 14th (A) Edinburgh (Cup)
Sunday 16th (A) Newcastle (League)
Friday 21st (H) SHEFFIELD (League) 7.30pm
Saturday 22nd (A) Eastbourne (League)
Friday 28th (H) EASTBOURNE (League) 7.30pm
Saturday 29th (A) Berwick (League)


Friday 5th (H) BERWICK (League) 7.30pm
Friday 12th (A) Redcar (League)
Friday 19th (H) LEICESTER (League) 7.30pm
Friday 26th (H) RESERVED 7.30pm


Friday 2nd (A) Edinburgh (League)
Sunday 4th (H) EDINBURGH (League) 5.30pm
Friday 9th (H) BIRMINGHAM (League) 7.30pm
Saturday 10th (A) Leicester (League)
Wednesday 14th (A) Birmingham (League)
Friday 16th (H) REDCAR (League) 7.30pm
Friday 23rd (H) RESERVED 7.30pm
Friday 30th (H) RESERVED 7.30pm

Fridays throughout September and October are reserved for home play-off meetings and for the later rounds of the Knock-Out Cup.

KEY: League = SGB Championship, Cup = Knockout Cup, Shield = Championship Shield.

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