Saturday practice cancelled

Mar 15th, 2019

The weather forecast is terrible for tomorrow so the planned practice is cancelled. However, things are looking good for Sunday’s amateur meeting (British Amateur Championship for Pro, Open, Support and Formula 2 classes) but if riders don’t want to enter that then I have a small number of slots available for riders to practice. There will be three groups of four (riders who are okay on track together – so probably an Open/Support group, a novice group and an non-speedway group) and they will get seven slots to practice in between the races. Of course riders must be ready at the pit gate at the appropriate time or we will assume they are not going out in that slot. Cost to practice is £40, cost to race in the championship is £45. Bookings are required for both so please text Richard Hollingsworth on 07832-402167 if you want to ride on Sunday.

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